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Two of the main issues with fibromaylagia are heightened pain sensitivity (mainly due to unhealthily low levels of the pain suppressing neurotransmitter serotonin which should normally be present), and reduced energy levels, caused by poor mitochondrial functioning and often unbalanced adrenal gland functioning, often with sleep disturbances.  My recommendations are therefore based on trying to address both of these issues at the cause.

Concentrated food (nutraceutical) supplements [take all of these]:

To raise serotonin levels:

1.       SAMe butanedisulfonate 400mg: 1 tablet 30-60 minutes before breakfast, and another 30-60minutes before lunch

2.       5-HTP 100mg capsule: 1 capsule 30-60 minutes before breakfast, and another 30-60minutes before lunch

3.       Lithium orotate (an essential mineral) 3mg: 1 tablet after breakfast

4.       Melatonin: 1x 3mg tablet at bedtime (this will also help with sleep problems)

To boost energy levels and restore mitochondrial functioning:

5.       Ribose: 1 heaped teaspoon mixed into water or fruit juice, after breakfast and again after lunch

6.       L-Carnitine: 2 capsules after breakfast   and 2 more after lunch

7.       Magnesium glycinate: 2 capsules after breakfast and another 2 after supper

8.       Ubiquinol co-enzyme Q10: 1 capsule after breakfast and one after supper

9.       Krill Oil Omega 3 Oil: 2 capsules after breakfast

To restore correct adrenal functioning:

10.   Stress Damage Control: 1 capsule after breakfast and another after lunch.

11.   Pantethine-300 (co-enzyme B5) 1 capsule after breakfast and one after lunch.

I know the above appears like a lot of tablets/capsules, but please try to think of then as concentrated foods, that happen to be in capsules.  This not only is the truth, but hopefully will help you to realise that in terms of food in capsules, the above is not that much really.


On prescription:  I suggest you may need to use low dose naltrexone .      This is very new therapy, but results thus far look promising:


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