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Cardiovascular disease and heart health

Solal is an anti-aging pharmaceutical company specialising in healthy natural medicines that prevent and treat diseases associated with the aging process. These diseases include heart disease, prostate & breast cancer, arthritis, diabetes, age-related memory loss and sleep disorders.

Solal’s products supply nutrients in optimal forms and doses to improve the health of entire organ systems, across a whole range disease causing symptoms, thereby preventing pre-mature death as well as improving quality of life by preventing pain and disability caused by age-related disease. In this series of articles, we will discuss how major diseases can be treated and prevented, beginning with heart disease:

Heart attacks are the leading cause of death in South Africa. Your risk of having a heart attack is increased by up to 800% by negative lifestyle factors such as being overweight, smoking, drinking excessively, exercising less than twice a week or high stress levels.

To reduce the risk of a heart attack it is important to address these lifestyle factors, but also to begin Solal’s Heart Protection Protocol to keep your heart healthy, lower cholesterol and blood pressure and also prevent a host of other causes of heart attack such as insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome, hardening of the arteries, elevated levels of blood homocysteine, lipoprotein and fibrinogen, which are serious risk factors for heart disease.

Heart Protection Protocol:

FOR GENERAL HEART HEALTH (all adults should take these for optimal cardiovascular health):

•Solal Omega 3 Fish extract – contains three concentrated omega 3 good fats, extracted from fish, which have been filtered to remove any heavy metals or dioxin toxins sometimes found in fish oil (also found in fish consumed in the diet). Unlike flaxseed oil which also contains a type of omega 3, only the omega 3’s contained in fish oil (EPA/DHA/DPA) keep the heart strong and healthy. Solal’s Omega 3 also helps keep blood pressure under control and reduce a heart toxin known as Lipoprotein (a).
•Co-enzyme Q10 – is a heart vitamin which keeps the heart strong, protects against heart failure and helps reduce high blood pressure. Also helps reduce the heart-toxic side effects of cholesterol medicines (eg prevents heart tissue toxicity caused by statin containing cholesterol medications). Only Solal’s Co-enzyme Q10 contains piperine, a natural pepper extract which improves absorption by 60% (Co-enzyme Q10 is usually very poorly absorbed).
•Life E formula – research shows that the tocotrienol form of vitamin E protects against heart failure and reduces clogged arteries. Unlike other vitamin E products, which only contain one tocopherol form of vitamin E, Solal’s Mixed vitamin E contains all four tocopherols and all four tocotrienols for optimal heart protection.



Homocysteine lowering factor – Homocyteine is a toxic amino acid found in the blood. It is a greater risk factor for a heart attack than cholesterol is. A 25% elevated homocyteine level increases the risk of a heart attack by 33%! Solal’s homocysteine formula contains optimal amounts of folic acid, vitamin B12 and B6 to reduce homocysteine by 30%. The form of vitamin B12 used is methylcobalamin, not cyanocobalamin. Cyanocobalamin is safe in small amounts. However at the higher doses required to lower homocysteine, it forms cyanide in the body, and so the methyl form is preferable.


Solal’s Red yeast rice and Policosanol – are natural cholesterol lowering plant extracts. For mild high cholesterol, use only Red Yeast Rice. For higher cholesterol levels, add policosanol.


Products are listed in decreasing order of importance. Ideally all of the products listed below should be taken. However, if only one product can be afforded, the patient should take the top one. If two products can be afforded then the top two should be taken, etc.
1.Co-enzyme Q10: lowers systolic blood pressure by about 26% in some people with hypertension after 12 weeks of therapy. Only Solal’s Co-enzyme Q10 contains piperine to enhance absorption. Dose: one capsule twice daily.
2.Resveratrol with grape seed extract: Resveratrol protects the hearth and reduces hardening of the arteries. Grape seed extract lowers blood pressure by approx 10-20mmHg. Dose: one capsule twice daily.

3.Lifes - Fish Oil Omega 3 extract: produces modest, but significant reductions in blood pressure in patients with mild hypertension, especially if they have diabetes too, but even if they don’t. Dose: one capsule twice daily.
4.Arginine powder: reduces blood pressure in mild hypertension, especially in patients with type 2 diabetes. It may also improve the effectiveness of blood pressure lowing medicines. Dose: 4 scoops twice daily.
5.Magnesium glycinate: can reduce blood pressure to a small extent in people with mild to moderate hypertension. Dose: 3 capsules twice daily.

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