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Erectile dysfunction

The initial treatment for the restoration of all deficient steroid hormones included:

- Pregnenolone: 300 mg in the morning
- DHEA: 150 mg in the morning and 50 mg at noon
- Bio-Identical testosterone gel (50 mg/ml): 1 ml in the morning
- Bio-Identical natural progesterone cream (50 mg/ml): 0.3 ml in the morning
In addition, we suggested:
- Life-E vitamin E: 1000 IU in the morning
- Dual vitamin C (as sodium ascorbate): 2000 mg in the evening
- Multi-Minerals with selenium: 200 mcg in the morning and Zinc 30mg
- Beta-Sitosterol (320 mg) with nettle root (240 mg) in the morning

- Lifes Mens formula - Natural Sex for Men (containing extracts of oats, yohimbe, Siberian ginseng, and nettle, as well as mineral and glandular extracts): two tablets twice daily, in the morning and evening
- Melatonin 3mg at night
- Homocysteine lowering factor – one tabley in the morning
- Muira Puma – 4 capsules daily
- phosphatidylserine capsules: 200 mg in the morning
- Inflammation formula glucosamine sulfate: 2250 mg in the morning
- omega-3 fatty acids: 3000 mg in the evening
- chromium: 200 mcg in the morning
- Multi B-complex: 1 tablet in the morning.

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