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Hair loss - Female

  • Complete Life – Take one capsule twice a day (regular broad-spectrum nutrients help prevent hair loss)
  • Lifes Anti-age formula – 8 capsules at bedtime - GH formula (arginine + lysine)
  • Soy isoflavones -one daily (helps prevent DHEA going to androstenedione, testosterone and ultimately DHT)
  • EGCG - One capsule twice a day
  • Betasitosterol 2 daily
  • Resveratrol – One capsule daily (taken because of its grape seed content - stimulates epithelial cell growth)
  • Life-oil – One capsule twice a day l (GLA inhibits 5-alpha reductase)
  • Nettle root – One capsule twice a day (blocks the detrimental hormones)
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