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A homeopath said to me recently that businessmen have taken over their industry to such an extent that they have little control or say over the numerous quack herbal products flooding the unregulated market. Do you agree?
As a doctor or highly stressed professional, what can I take to reduce my risk?
Could you provide some examples of potentially dangerous interactions between these products and scheduled substances that doctors could potentially miss?
Do you think that GPs (and specialists/other practitioners) know enough about herbal and traditional medicine, especially in the light of the fact that use is so wide-spread?
Does genetic testing help in anyway to predict disease and can one prevent such disease with the correct supplementation and lifestyle change?
How can you expect to solve something as complex as aging when we can't even cure cancer?
How do I create my own personalized nutritional program?
How should doctors update themselves about alternative products and its interaction with prescription medicine?
Shouldn't we spend our resources feeding the hungry, rather than keeping people alive longer?
What can I do to increase my exercise performance or endurance?
What causes aging?
What do you think are the biggest challenges faced by those developing legislation for the new South African Health Products Regulatory Authority?
What is anti-aging medicine?
What is your opinion of the current control over complementary products and devices in South Africa?
What would you like to see happen with CAM products in the future? How could it be controlled more effectively?
Who says stopping the aging process is possible?
Why can't I buy DHEA over the counter?
Why would anyone want to live forever?

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